Jisser is an B to B marketplace specialised in commodities trading. Our goal is to offer importers and wholesalers reliable suppliers to get quality goods at the best price.

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The broker is a business professional who conducts an activity called « brokerage ». our purpose is to connect two or more people wanting to buy or sell products such as agri-foods merchandize, resulting in an insurance contract or the signature of a sea freight contract. Sworn-in merchandize brokers can be contacted to provide an expertise regarding the value or the condition of the goods, and ascertain their price. The quotation of food products evolves constantly, our expertise in the field allows us to recommend the best offers for your business.

The Import-export business, in a context of globalization, is a key component to the economy et and international business. Customs administration play a key role in the exchange regulations and allows a broker such a Jisser to certify the transactions.

International import-export drives, the logistical services, exchanges of merchandizes and other services, across the world whatever your business may be. The last few decades, external trades have experienced an exponential growth never seen before. However, the market is highly competitive, and having a broker brings many advantages, particularly when it comes to customs administrations.

Jisser, a broker specialized in business to business in agri-foods import-export, operating in the brokerage of food products on an international setting since 2016. We have acquired a true expertise in the internationalization methods of exchange, the knowledge of markets, procurement management as well as the knowledge of regulations in effect.

We are also skilled in logistical operations overall. Fluency in foreign languages is especially useful in the importation business. Therefore, trading and negotiation skills is a key aspect of success for importing as well as exporting goods. Our traders know the sellers and exchange with you to provide the best conditions.


Assist importers and wholesalers in their buying procedures :

    • Supplier selection
    • Négotiation
    • Logistic
    • Method of payment


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An international expertise

Are your company’s activities in the field or you want to get your break in the domestic and international market of import import/export? You can benefit from our expertise in negotiations to develop internationally and build your business and revenues in the best conditions available.

Our negotiators will give you the edge in your business strategy. Our business developers’ responsibility is to find new contracts for you. Importing and exporting has never been this simple. With our support, all procedures, laws and regulations will be fully respected to the last detail. Our company will be responsible for your importing activities and for all required documents: the customs procedures, customs tariffs, the documentation, the Incoterms (« International commercial Terms »), the logistic, the freight and transit operations.

Jisser will accompany you in the management if the supply chain. Hence, you will avoid the pitfalls, and are insured to be competitive buying at the best price whatever your business sector may be. Many possible types of importation and exportation exist.

Import/export of miscellaneous goods

It can be machines, manufacturing plants and materials, as well as other goods or components used in other industries or enterprises. Internationalizations of exchanges allows import/exports of all types of merchandize, with Jisser, the agri-foods, and their commercialization by distributors.

Consumer goods are, by definition, ready for human or animal consumption, such as clothes or food. We can cite, for example, wholesale in agri-foods: food such as fruits (dried or fresh) as well as vegetables, nuts, coffee, wheat, wood or cotton. Wholesale concerns also construction materials, pharmaceutical goods, bottle, etc. the export broker’s task is to win contracts et help develop your business locally and internationally.

Import et export of intermediate goods and services

It is possible to import and export intermediate goods, such as goods partially finished. These are used input in the production of other goods, as well as in final products. A company can produce and use, produce and sell or buy and use intermediate goods.

Import/export International wholesalers

To accomplish their business goal, some companies import goods and services to provide them domestically. The one that exports merchandize offers products and raw materials to importers accord to well defined conditions.

Types of importers / exporters in international business

Research any products to import globally (international import and distribution) using, sometimes complex, logistical operations to transport the merchandize and pay customs tariffs.

Research foreign supply source, and use them to benefit from the best prices also using logistical operations to transport the merchandize. Some importers choose to specialize in a field while others do not.
Among those categories, there is an important factor to understand in the level of importation and exportation used: direct importations, involving the setup of a supply chain. Direct importation refers to a type of business importation involving a manager (or broker), a retailer and a foreign manufacturer.

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