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We are pleased to provide below rice on FOB or CIF:

The packing bags are 5kgs and 50kgs.


To discover our vietnamian rice’s caracteristics :

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How to import rice from Vietnam?

If you are a grocer, a restaurant owner or a trader, you want to import rice from Vietnam. But what is a rice wholesaler? Why use a wholesaler? Which rice wholesaler to choose?

There are several reasons to use a rice wholesaler:

Indeed, Jisser can offer you better quality rice at more reasonable prices. Moreover, by buying rice in bulk, you can certainly save money. The price of rice is constantly increasing.

What is a wholesaler?

A Vitenamese rice wholesaler is a person who imports and sells food products. They import products from local producers and market them to a wide variety of customers.

As a Vietnamese rice wholesaler, Jisser is the intermediary between you and the rice producer.

Why should you buy your Vietnamese rice in bulk?

It’s very simple, it allows wholesalers to offer you better quality at a good price. The more you buy, the more you save.

How to buy wholesale rice?

The best way to buy wholesale rice is through a wholesaler. The wholesaler will offer you different varieties of rice and will give you good prices. That’s why we’re giving you some tips on how to make the right choice.

When you are choosing a wholesaler for your business, you should be aware that the quality of the product may vary. But it is also essential to evaluate the reliability of the product in question. And to do this, you must first determine what the criteria are for choosing a good wholesaler:

Then you can find the best wholesaler. Also, it is essential to know how the rice is stored and delivered.

All you need to know about rice

Rice is the fifth most consumed food in the world after water, wheat, meat and fish. Rice is found in the cuisines of more than 100 countries and is consumed by more than 2 billion people a day.

Rice comes in three forms:

There are several varieties of rice that vary in size, shape and taste. Long rice is the best known. It is used in most rice recipes.  Round rice is most often served with soups while broken rice is especially popular in Japan. In some countries, people buy a specific variety of rice for each dish they prepare.

This food is also used as a base for dishes. In fact, it is very common in restaurants and hotels. It is therefore important to know where to find it at affordable prices. For this, you can import rice from Vietnam.

Vietnam is a prosperous country that has experienced rapid and sustainable growth in recent decades. Rice is the main national production of the country. Importing rice from Vietnam is a complex process.

Jisser will accompany you and facilitate your Vietnamese rice import process.

We take care to satisfy your requirements of:

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